Sex antys no Ruger vs TikkaHi all am looking at buying a general all round hunting riffle mainly for shooting deer. Am looking at the ruger m77 or the tikka t3 at this stage probally in a 270 calibre. Any advice suggestions or thoughts would be geatly appreciated.Posts 128My Dad has owned two Rugers and despite trying to get them to shoot properly they proved unsatisfactory. Im sorry for those who own Rugers who shoot and its the same with every manufacturer that some rifles just dont shoot. Both Rugers were in 223.Dad currently owns a Tikka with a heavy barrel in 223 and it shoots incredibly well. The only thing Dad doesnt like about it is the single stack magazine which is made of plastic. The single stack magazine is a little tricky to reload especially in low light or under spotlighting conditions. The spare magazine wont load past round number three either. Dad uses this rifle for varmiting and target work and for this the rifle is very good.Dad and I have got Winchester Model 70 Featherweigh

Duke basketball snapchat filter Edeco Well I could see it being more popular since more common ammo and the 44 Spl option. Im thinking 41 though first because of the zeitgeist of the cartridge its all 70s and is used in a novel I like The Final Programme. Also slightly lower range of recoil which I think would be just right. Slightly lower MEbullet weightsrecoil which I think is more appropriate for martial use not that Id really want it for defense but it fits with the nature of the GP100.Finally Mr. Reeder rechambers to 41 Mag or 44 Spl not 44 Mag apparently. So I vaguely get the idea 44 Mag would be too much somehow. Very vaguely could be mistaken about Reeders options or his reasons or even if not maybe the factory could make 44 Magnum work. If an Lframe can hack it a GP100 should be able to so I dunno.A.D. Hopkins I will never again buy a gun that shoots an unpopular caliber. Had a 20year love affair with .38 Super. Never again. I could buy ammo only in FMJ and a lot of stores didnt have even that. Paid more for .38 Super than 9mm or .45 cost at the time with no selection of bullet weights velocity etc. Only way I could get ammo that fulfilled the potential of the caliber or ammo that was dead accurate for my gun was to load it myself. And onc only sexy girl free no cost 24.22 pocket pistol suggestions on January 21 2017 051305 PM Lately Ive been looking into getting another pocket pistol. Im thinking .22 LR or maybe 9mm due to ammo cost. I went into a few stores to look at Walther P22 Ruger SR22 and SW MP. All of them are nice but a bit too large for pocket status.Got to play with a Beretta .32 w tip up barrel. Chunky and heavy but it made me smile. Id like to look at Taurus PT22 esp PLY and Bersa Thunder 22 but havent found any in stores. Not very many for sale online either. Might have to wait for the next gun show.I used to own a Phoenix HP22 but hated the funky manual safety secret handshake. Also it jammed a lot and the metal was so soft I could dent the ribbing with a fingernail. Sold it.Curious about Jimenez but not being drop safe is kinda scary.So... Other than NAA minis got any favorites to recommend What models am I missing out on Id like to keep it under 300 if possible. Preferably drop safe too.LoggedReply 5 on January 22 2017 082158 AM I agree with the comments about the Beretta 21a Bobcat being a great pocket 22LR. I own one and love it. Love the DASA trigger. The key to reliable cycling is to load it 61 instead of 71. It just works better. The tipup barrel is GREAT for shooting Aguila Colibris rounds that are too weak to cycle the slide great fun in my garage at 7 yards. Dont buy a Taurus PT22 the knockoff of the Beretta 21

Free xxx webcams online life Gun Review Taurus 738 TCPYou know what it means when summers coming. Shorts. Tshirts. Lighter clothes. And concealment issues. The time of year when even the most ardent caliber warriors make compromises. If youre in the market for something smaller and lighter than your usual 1911 carry piece you need to check out the Taurus PT 738 TCP. No its not the first .380 ultracompact that comes to mind. But despite being on the very bottom end of the MSRP scale of pocket .380 mouse guns with a price ranging from 199 to 249 its at the top end of the scale for reliability and quality. A Taurus Yes a Taurus . . .My local range rents basically all of the .380 micro compact pistols on the market Kahr Diamondback SW KelTec SIG Ruger AMT Magnum Research Colt etc. etc. Theyre popular rentals and popular sellers. Some of them have been trashed and replaced with new ones due to extreme wear and breakages. One had gone back to the factory a dozen times for repairs and had also been fixed inhouse at least as many times before they just trashed it. In fact theyre on their third example of that same gun and the same parts continue to break every thousand rounds or so and weir

Adult text chat arizona Ruger has recently been on fire coming out with interesting and even compelling new firearms in quick succession. At a time when so many manufacturers are missing the boat its good to see an American gun manufacturer doing some good things.One of the new releases from Ruger is a compact 9mm pistol the Security9. Its a doublestack midsized pistol that very closely follows the dimensions of the Glock 19 but in a hammerfired configuration that doesnt show the hammer its internal. The exterior and interior of the Security9 make it seem very much like a larger version of the LCP II. But since it so closely mimics the Glock 19 it would seem to be a direct challengerfor nearly half the priceWhy Consider the Ruger Security9Price and size vs. capacity would seem to be the strongest reasons to consider the Security9. Its height width and length are almost identical to the G19 and it has the same 151 capacity. However instead of a 500600 price tag the Ruger comes in at 289380 Ive seen 289 already.Its size and capacity make it a good choice for concealed carry but it has other features that may appeal to some people. Being hammer fired the slide is a bit easier to

Bumble bee striped shirts There was a point in the late 80s when Ruger was in trouble financially largely because Bill Ruger Jr. was an absentee owner and had little interest in guns or gun companies. Besides the neglect the factory was old and run down with old machinery and technology. That was back when the finish on 1022s was crinkly black paint.The group that bought Ruger came in and was astonished at the neglect. They brought in modern business practices and technology and turned things around. So yeah back in the day Ruger went through some QC issues out of neglect. They arent the same company now. Whatever QC problems they have are because they are the largest firearms company in the country and are trying to keep up with demand.If all you know them is from back in the day you might want to take another look at them.Click to expand...Thanks your point is well taken however In 2005 I purchased a SP101 stainless 3 inch with pretty bad Q.C. Awful trigger pull and unacceptable die and tooling marks on the outside. Upon disassembly for a much needed trigger job I found that I needed a box of bandaids before I even started. after that I installed lighter springs and now it is much better. Not a SW trigger mind you but ok. The security six and speed six purchased in 1981 have good triggers and good finish. Dont get me wrong I am not a ruger hater I still own them to this day. Its just when I pay 400.00 I expect it

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